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Direct Primary Care: Helping Employers to Have Happier Employees

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an outstanding innovation in the field of healthcare that is growing in popularity amongst families and small businesses. In contrast to traditional health insurance plans, it is very transparent and economical. Small businesses like the fact that their employees have better access to healthcare at a drastically lower cost to […]

Health Insurance is Good but Direct Primary Care is Important, Why?

Everybody wants to have health insurance and most often they take a cut from their hard-earned salaries to pay for it. Unfortunately, a majority of us find that our insurance doesn’t help much when it comes to everyday issues. Seeing the doctor for primary care services costs extra. Minor emergencies cost extra… The costs keep […]

Four Important Reasons for Employers to Care about Direct Primary Care

Here are the Reasons for Employers to Care about Direct Primary Care: 1. A high deductible insurance is not always helpful for all health care  2. A majority of employees have to pay for the bulk of their everyday healthcare needs until their high deductibles to be met 3. Employers can take the benefits of Direct […]

Direct Primary Care: A Treatment Alternative that Saves Doctors from Exhaustion

It is always a difficult choice for the doctors to be completely fair to both the patients and the insurance companies. It probably is the toughest question to answer but every stakeholder in the conventional healthcare system understands it well from the ground. Direct Primary Care is the only way out for the physicians to […]

Direct Primary Care: An Innovative Healthcare Model Making America Healthy

America has the best healthcare system in the world. Over 91% of the total population in the USA is covered under various health insurance plans according to United States census bureau data provided in September 2020. In spite of this, do you know what is the #1 killer in the USA? Heart disease? Cancer? Accidents? […]

Direct Primary Care(DPC): A Modern Way Of Affordable Healthcare Solution

The current pandemic has changed the lives of people across the globe and so also the USA. A remarkable percentage of people are affected by the deadly coronavirus. A significant number of affected people succumbed to the virus and because of the nationwide shutdown, many have lost their jobs or sources of income. Some of […]

Direct Primary Care Is An Affordable Solution for Everyday Healthcare Costs

Even with insurance, rising healthcare costs can make simple doctor visits too expensive. A visit to the doctor for a simple cold can exceed your monthly budget. Direct primary care (DPC) is an alternative payment model that allows doctors the option to charge patients a monthly or annual fee which covers all or most primary […]

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