Direct Primary Care: A Treatment Alternative that Saves Doctors from Exhaustion

It is always a difficult choice for the doctors to be completely fair to both the patients and the insurance companies. It probably is the toughest question to answer but every stakeholder in the conventional healthcare system understands it well from the ground. Direct Primary Care is the only way out for the physicians to impart an effective and quick primary treatment with no waiting time. It is a system where doctors don’t work for hospitals or for insurance companies. They directly work for their patients, offering them all of their primary care in exchange for a flat monthly fee. Because the patient panel is smaller here as compared to the traditional doctor’s office, physicians can devote more time and attention to their patients.

In doctors’ offices as we know it, the administrative process and the need to see a large number of patients to cover the cost of running the practice results in a poor physician-patient relationship. Doctors need to wait to get approval from insurance companies to prescribe medications and perform certain tests. Because they need to see large numbers of patients in a short period of time, patients often feel like they are rushed in and out of the office without their needs are not being met.   

A traditional physician’s workday is now not only limited to actual patient care rather they have to spend a lot of time on these administrative jobs. This is one of the reasons why many physicians do not recommend others pursue medicine as they experience exhaustion, stress, and lose interest in their job. 

The unnecessary workload leads to burnout and literally killing doctors. Physicians are twice as likely to commit suicide compared to the U.S. population. Many unofficial surveys show that the profession loses over 300 doctors per year to suicide. Doctors are gifted people who are highly educated and trained to save the lives of others, yet they struggle to save their own. 

Physician satisfaction continues to decline for both self-employed and hospital-employed physicians. However, hospital-employed physicians are even less professionally satisfied, reports a Medical survey. Almost half of the employed physicians are required to meet patient quotas set forth by their employer’s contract. To be very frank, this leads to deteriorating quality care. And lower quality care is a result of primary care doctors being forced to attend to higher numbers of patients.

But with the Direct Primary Care model, the situation is not at all the same. It is a widely accepted treatment model which is highly liked by both the patients and the doctors. Doctors without compromising with their professional integrity, without having the pressure to attend to more patients deliver the best possible care. It is a system with a focus on quality care without overburdening the physicians. The good thing about direct primary care is that it is super friendly and highly flexible and doctors in this system are happier as they realize that they can keep health care simple.

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