Direct Primary Care: Helping Employers to Have Happier Employees

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an outstanding innovation in the field of healthcare that is growing in popularity amongst families and small businesses. In contrast to traditional health insurance plans, it is very transparent and economical. Small businesses like the fact that their employees have better access to healthcare at a drastically lower cost to their businesses, and the employees love not having sticker shock for unexpected illnesses that might arise.

What is direct primary care?

The name itself is self-explanatory. Direct primary care sets up a direct connection between a patient and healthcare provider for everything including financial aspects. It doesn’t need the insurance providers thereby making healthcare easy and quick. Patients using direct primary care don’t need to pay monthly health insurance premiums but a low-cost monthly membership fee. It is independent of any insurance plan. Everybody can enroll in this system for primary care needs. 

What are the best features of DPC?

  • A monthly membership plan includes unlimited office visits, telemedicine, virtual communication, and discounts on labs and imaging
  • Easy and affordable prescription refills
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Better preventative care
  • No waiting

Having insurance is a “love-hate relationship” that has only gotten worse over time. Premiums constantly go up, and coverage for common everyday problems has gone down. While coverage for major medical events necessitates some type of plan, everyday healthcare needs and minor emergencies tend to be compounded by extra out of pocket costs and poor access to care. In a lot of instances, this snowballs into simple problems becoming complex ones with even higher subsequent costs to patients financially and emotionally.

Insurance costs are very high and sometimes prohibitive to small businesses as well. 

Some small businesses offer plans to prospective employees that in actuality do no more than drain from their monthly paycheck. When they have actual healthcare needs, they still end up paying out of pocket. Some businesses can’t survive because of the cost of this “minimal care” and the effect it has on their employees’ poor productivity from lost work days and their working while not feeling their best. 

DPC is an evolving concept, and a majority of people are not aware of this option. When they are told about the benefits of Direct Primary Care, most people immediately see the benefit and wonder why this isn’t a more widespread practice.

It is quite evident that employees are searching for more effective health insurance plans which will help them when they need it without worrying much. That’s why employers who are concerned for their employees are opting for DPC to have a healthier and happier pool of employees in their organization. It’s not just a benefit for employees and their dependents, employers have also seen better output and a low attrition rate with the inclusion of DPC.
Many employers have already covered their employees under DPC and some are planning to implement it for their employees, but those who already have it are reaping the benefits of Direct Primary Care. For the employers in Texas QLMD Direct Primary Care is one of the premier direct care clinics. You can always seek an appointment to better understand the provisions to work together.

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