Direct Primary Care(DPC): A Modern Way Of Affordable Healthcare Solution

The current pandemic has changed the lives of people across the globe and so also the USA. A remarkable percentage of people are affected by the deadly coronavirus. A significant number of affected people succumbed to the virus and because of the nationwide shutdown, many have lost their jobs or sources of income. Some of them have stopped their health insurance and are moving towards direct primary care to address their health care needs. When the higher deductible health insurance doesn’t help, Direct Primary Care helps individuals and families alike to take quick appointments with the physicians thereby avoiding long waiting hours and with a discounted price. Here are the reasons why this mode of healthcare solution is getting more popular among the people:

Affordable: Doesn’t matter if you are insured or not, direct primary care is definitely an affordable option. The low-cost monthly membership fee for both individuals and families offers unlimited coverage to visit the office or telemedicine support to consult with your physician at the comfort of your home. On top of this, most of the procedures and treatments are included in the plan along with heavy discounts in labs, imaging, etc. attracts people to change their healthcare provider. Insured patients also get enormous benefits from this plan as they have a sky-high deductible and every year it climbs up. So they like to keep it for major health issues such as surgery and specialist care that needs prolonged hospitalization and use the DPC membership option for primary healthcare needs. QMLD Direct Primary Care is one of the leading primary health care providers, serving Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas that you can consider. They put everything in front of you before any treatment. So no hidden costs, no surprise bills that you will see after the treatment.  

Convenient: The treatment facilities at a reputed DPC is well organized with a good doctor-patient ratio. So being a patient, you won’t be in a rush during the consultation online or offline. Furthermore, you can book your appointment with a physician who knows your medical history well in advance. No wastage of time in the waiting room, same or next day appointment, highly discounted consultation, and treatment plans saves a lot of your time and money yet without compromising the quality of treatment.

Approachable: You must have availed healthcare services from the big hospitals and quite evidently you must have spent a good amount of time to meet the doctor. But in the case of DPC, neither the members nor the non-members have to wait such a long time before getting to the doctor. Physicians will be available for both in-office appointments and teleconsultations. So most of the small things you can get the required advice at the convenience of your home.

Individualized Care: There are many facilities in and around your city but QMLD Direct Primary Care in Tomball, Texas is a bit different than all. The primary healthcare physicians here do take ample amounts of time while offering consultation to each and every patient. The smaller patient volume makes it possible to give no rush appointments to address all your primary healthcare needs. Most importantly the cash pay doctors here, follow a holistic approach to medicines to treat both your body and mind that contributes much to your health. 

Direct primary care has not only proved to be beneficial to the individuals but also a better option for small corporates to provide affordable health care to their employees while facing the financial losses caused by COVID-19. This low-cost primary healthcare model has been seen improving employee satisfaction, retention, and health thereby keeping the overall expenses of small businesses/industries.

QMLD DPC in Texas has seen significant growth in patient enrollment over the years because of the ultimate care, low-cost membership option, and discounted treatments and procedures. Apart from primary care, you can avail IV nutrition therapy, Testosterone replacement therapy, DOT/CDL physical examination, radiology, vaccination, Botox therapy, etc.
So before the disease takes over you, take control of your health with QMLD Direct Primary Care in Texas at an affordable price. Schedule appointments online, when you need them! Feel free to call 346 382 0666 or email at for further queries.

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