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Choose the Right Health Plan for Your Employees


Choose the Right Health Plan for Your Employees

According to a published research, more employers have greatly benefited from direct primary care (DPC) than from the traditional fee-for-service insurance billing. The DPC payment model has reportedly resulted to: 

  • 53% decrease in ER visits
  • 16% decrease in hospital stays
  • 58% decrease in higher-cost specialist visits
  • 66% decrease in advanced radiology/imaging
  • 77% decrease in surgeries

By becoming a member of QLMD Direct Primary Care in Tomball, Texas, businesses and their employees can benefit from our affordable and unlimited primary care and minor urgent care services.

Employees can also get near-constant access to doctors through text, email, and same- and next-day appointments so that their health concerns can be addressed quickly. These benefits will help reduce absenteeism and keep your employees healthy and happy. We can also help employers reduce medical claims and keep their premiums from escalating.

Give your employees great healthcare and save money now! Get in touch with us to learn more about our special services to our members.

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