Four Important Reasons for Employers to Care about Direct Primary Care

Here are the Reasons for Employers to Care about Direct Primary Care:

1. A high deductible insurance is not always helpful for all health care 

2. A majority of employees have to pay for the bulk of their everyday healthcare needs until their high deductibles to be met

3. Employers can take the benefits of Direct Primary Care to lower health care costs

4. Satisfied Employees and Improved Output

Although there is no such law in the USA that requires all employers to provide health care coverage to their employees, the Affordable Care Act(ACA) imposes penalties on bigger employers who don’t provide health insurance. The high health care costs, hiring and retaining employees, and most importantly having a satisfied workforce are always challenging for employers. In this essence, Direct Primary Care, the newest health care model in America is helping employers nationwide to manage the age-old challenge to a greater extent.

Traditionally employers are left with no choice but to buy insurance plans for all of their employees to provide better health care when it is needed. But the sky-high deductibles and the complex insurance process often lead to employee dissatisfaction.

Employers at some point in time started realizing that the insurance they have taken for their employees to offer meaningful benefits is failing miserably and in certain cases, this is not at all required. In the United States, people use insurance for all health care needs. This is where the problem begins. Insurance was originally designed for expensive treatments and procedures, such as heart attacks, cancers, and strokes; but also for common and frequent events insurance is not necessary, and Direct Primary Care can be the best available, quickest, and low-cost solution.

Again, there is a reason why people use insurance for everything because visits to doctors for even minor problem costs as high as $100. When health insurance is claimed frequently, health insurance premiums rise and the only way to keep the insurance cost under control is by reducing the frequency of claims. But this is only possible if there is an alternative treatment option. Primary care is not expensive and this is where Direct Primary Care has proved its importance.

Broadly speaking, health care can be divided into two major categories, one that we need more frequently and the other that is rarely used. Routine health checkups, acute care, chronic disease management, etc. fall under primary care employees need more often. Direct primary care is good enough to treat these conditions and is available with a flat monthly fee below $100 per month. It provides quicker care and reduces the use of health insurance for rare occurrences. Consequently, helps to keep the insurance use and cost at the lowest, and employers using Direct Primary Care can lower health care costs.

Now the question is how employers can take advantage of Direct Primary Care?

Yes, it best works for the employers. The idea is to take an appropriate low-cost insurance plan along with a membership plan of Direct Primary Care. It can straight away save 35 to 40% on health care costs compared to taking only a traditional insurance plan yet staying in compliance with Affordable Care Act mandates. With Directly Primary Care, health care will be highly accessible for the employees and they will get numerous other advantages such as telemedicine to keep employees at work, lesser compensation claims and eventually quicker health service will keep employees happy.

Direct Primary Care is such a model, and smart employers are taking benefit of it. To make primary care affordable and available, QLMD Direct Primary Care clinic in Tomball, Texas has designed special membership plans for employers. You can always get in touch with them to know more about the plan that is suitable for your organization. Or make an appointment now!

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