Health Insurance is Good but Direct Primary Care is Important, Why?

Everybody wants to have health insurance and most often they take a cut from their hard-earned salaries to pay for it. Unfortunately, a majority of us find that our insurance doesn’t help much when it comes to everyday issues. Seeing the doctor for primary care services costs extra. Minor emergencies cost extra… The costs keep adding up.

This leaves many people wondering, “Why do I have this insurance if it doesn’t cover what I need?”

The primitive goal of health insurance was to help cover the cost of medical care for individuals making care more affordable. However, over time, the cost of insurance has constantly increased while services that are covered have constantly decreased. This leaves the consumer feeling as though they get less and less return on their investment.  

To make matters worse, physicians get paid less by insurance companies for the services that they provide, and they are told more and more that the services that they provide won’t be covered by insurance. Guess who gets left paying the bill?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse: difficulty getting appointments, crowded offices, long waits only to get 5-10 minutes with your doctor…  Direct Primary Care fixes all these problems. It is a new way of providing health care in the absence of health insurance companies. DPC doctors can spend more time with their patients. They provide more options for healthcare services when applicable like virtual visits or even texting options making care more accessible and convenient.

Direct Primary Care eliminates long waits to see the doctor, surprise or hidden charges, costly labs or prescriptions, etc. With an affordable monthly membership fee, you can confidently call your primary care physician to get a same or next-day appointment or you can even choose telemedicine options in the comfort of your home. Now real healthcare is in your hands and you don’t need to ignore the primary health issues that need a doctor’s attention. One of the goals of DPC is to make access to your primary care doctor easier and more affordable.

Initially, health insurance was not this complex and costly. During World War II, when new labor laws were introduced in the US, the scenario started deteriorating. Corporate control of healthcare has increased profits for companies at the expense of patient care. Direct Primary Care is reversing this process by decreasing the cost of healthcare and improving patient care making healthcare more accessible and affordable for all.

With a mission to provide quality and affordable healthcare and to empower patients to take control of their health, QLMD Direct Primary Care in Tomball, Texas is offering monthly membership plans for both individuals and families. Membership gets you unlimited office visits and discounts on all services, plus telemedicine options to access your doctor via email, phone, text, or video chat. Schedule appointments online, when you need them! Feel free to call 346-382-0666 or email at for further queries.

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