Physician-Assisted Weight Loss

MD Supervised Weight Management To Help You Achieve Your Goals

How Is Physician-Assisted Weight Loss Different?

Physician-Assisted Weight Loss is designed to help patients overcome their weight-loss challenges in a safe, healthy way that includes a customized diet plan, exercise routine, prescribed medication(s) and medical supervision to help promote healthy weight loss based on their individual needs.

Personalized For
Your Needs

At QLMD, you won't receive just a "diet in a box", you'll get a fully personalized action plan, taking into account your medical history and unique goals. This will help maximize your results and success.

Uses The Latest
In Medical Research

Unlike many other weight loss programs, the QLMD Physician Assisted Weight Loss Program is supervised by a medical doctor and informed by the latest in medical science. Every strategy we use has proven performance.

Lowers Long Term
Risk Of Illness

Many patients who have taken advantage of these programs have experienced an improved quality of life and are now at a much lower risk for obesity-related illnesses — many of which can be life-threatening.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today With QLMD

We work with you to develop an individualized weight loss plan that uses personalized advice, lifestyle coaching and the latest medical science to deliver results.


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