Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care is an affordable model of healthcare that completely bypasses insurance companies. By cutting out virtually all administrative costs associated with insurance, we are able to provide our patients with most of their primary care services for a flat monthly fee.

What does my membership fee cover?

Membership fees cover unlimited doctor visits and many in-office procedures, as well as telemedicine options. It also gets you discounted pricing on select services, prescriptions, labs, and radiology. DPC fees do not cover ER visits, hospitalizations, specialist referrals or visits to any other healthcare providers.

Can I see a doctor at QLMD without being a member?

Yes. To see pricing for non-members, please visit our Services page here.

Do you accept insurance or Medicare?

No, but you can submit to your insurance company.

How much does membership cost?

To see our current membership pricing, please visit our Membership page here.

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